Professional Online Classes in Music Production

Dive into Music Production like never before.

 Watching countless tutorials on YouTube  is always a good starting point,

but it doesn’t address the problems with your mix or production individually.
Hopping on a 1:1 video call with me will do exactly that.

We’ll be working on your ideas, songwriting or entire mixing process. 

We could even look into music theory or advanced audio engineering techniques. 

Whatever is of interest and benefit to your specific case.

Become a better producer

Certified Muse Instructor

muse is a free online collaborating tool, perfect for teaching or making music via distance.

It has integrated video as well as voice chat and even lets you drag and drop files within the chat window.

On top of that I’m able to control your mouse on your system at home and teach you exactly how things work.

I can even record a guitar track from my end live into your project with lossless audio.

It’s the perfect, free tool for online music production lessons and I’m proud to be a part of it and spread the word.